Wedding Cakes

My bespoke Wedding Cakes are individually designed, baked and hand crafted.
Read on below for a selection of some of my original recipies.

Wedding Cakes Gallery

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Royal Iced Occasion Cakes

These cakes use the firmer traditional royal icing, this type of icing sorry to say is a dying art as most cakes are made with soft roll out icing, although firmer than soft icing, made properly cuts easily with a sharp knife and melts in the mouth .but this icing is generally more suited to a rich fruit cake base, the traditional icing gives a impressive architectural appearance.

Chocolate Wedding Cake

Over the last few years I have seen a huge rise in request for all chocolate Wedding Cakes.

Traditional Fruit Cakes

My rich fruit cake is laced with brandy and allowed to mature to ensure a beautiful tasting cake then cover with the finest almond paste.

Belgium Chocolate Biscuit Cake

My luscious chocolate biscuit has been a great hit with my customers the Belgium chocolate is of the finest quality and a high coco content, mixed with a verity of biscuits and just a hint of ginger.

Carrot Cake

A moist cake made with butter and mixed spices and lots of carrots a truly delicious cream cheese filling and a thin layer of almond paste to give a smooth finish ready for icing.

Sponge Cake

A delicious traditional sponge recipe!

Vanilla CakeĀ 

A light cake made with real vanilla extract and layered with raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream.

Chocolate Sponge CakeĀ 

My indulgent dark rich chocolate cake is filled with heavenly chocolate butter cream.


Other flavors are available on request e.g. lemon, coffee etc